Welcome to House of Black; the House that Loves Us

Committed to showcasing and celebrating our beauty and our brilliance #chooselove 


Entertain. Educate. Empower.


We relaunched and revitalised this platform because everyone deserves to feel good. 

We showcase and celebrate our talent, beauty and brilliance; because self-love is both necessary and essential. 

We are dedicated to safeguarding the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of black people everywhere; healing the whole being. 

We hope you feel heard. We hope you feel seen. We hope you feel loved.

We are determined to see what happens when we are brave and let love lead our way! We invite you to join the adventure; let’s see what we discover #chooselove

– Leian Darell 



@HouseofBlackUK: Looking for Black/Asian actresses (playing age twenties) for a potential role in a short 10 minute play I'm directi… https://t.co/gGJFUFPUMB