#BBHMM Bitch Better Have My Money’ the new single from Rihanna

#BBHMM Bitch Better Have My Money’ the new single from Rihanna


Rare that I cover a single dropping but as the album was on my most anticipated list for 2015, I thought it might deserve a post.

Last week Rihanna released second single from her yet to be titled eighth studio album, already dubbed ‘R8’. The second single, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ often abbreviated as ‘#BBHMM’- follows her first lead single from her new album, ‘fourfiveseconds’ feat. Kanye West & Paul Mc Cartney’.

Fenty delivers the song in full, following previous snippets of songs such as ‘higher’, and ‘American Oxygen’. If like me you were hopeful of something a bit more refreshing, sorry to disappoint you this isn’t it. Whilst the song is an anti-climax for the “new era” – because lets face it, a new era should allow some sort of differentiation between the last two – in this instance, the song still sounds like a leftover from ‘Talk that Talk’ or ‘Unapologetic’ but I ain’t all that mad.

The Kanye assisted production is rap/trap inspired with kickdrums and a heavy bassline. Raspy chain-smoker vocals come in, ready to turn it up. Ri known for her bad girl image, makes it clear that whoever it is, better have her money on sight. Boastful and bossy she chants,

“Turn up to Rihanna while the whole club’s f****ng wasted…everytime I drive by i’m the only thing you’re playing.”

With no fucks to give, the cocky attitude is warranted. Rihanna has proven she can do whatever she wants. With thirteen number one singles (which have been a soundtrack to our lives at some point) to this generation she is a force not to be reckoned with. It’s also ironic that she says these lyrics as they’re probably out turning up to songs like ‘Pour It Up’ that brag about riches, whilst owing her money.

“I wanted songs that I could perform in 15 years,” she told MTV news. “Not any songs that were burnt out… I want to make songs that are timeless.” Excuse me while I chuckle. In order for this to be the case she would need to block, delete and erase more than ten years worth of work, and ninety percent of her catalogue, let us be real.

I’m surprised this is a follow-up to ‘fourfiveseconds’ though, as it is a complete shift in genre. Usually for female pop artists, bubblegum teeny songs are highly favoured, this genre is usually used by male artists that rap or MC.

Where the genre doesn’t fit into mainstream music for “pop princess” Rihanna, songs like this are usually left as album tracks or played on “urban” radio, despite ‘Pour It Up’ being released and having a video, it wasn’t performed anywhere for that same reason. Other songs that share similarities are a prime example; see: Phresh off the Runway, Birthday Cake, 7/11.

Rihanna is quite confident that she can do anything. ‘Trap God-ess’ she isn’t, despite ‘The Navy’ saying otherwise, but her tone, image and music is contagious. Even for the boys. The gritty, rough, hard-hitting, heavy bassed genre that is affiliated with masculinity, money, and power still allows the men to be “MEN” quite confidently as they listen… or so they think!! But that’s a WHOLE other issue.

Anyway I hope for an accompanying video that gives more than ‘Pour It Up’ ‘under the sea’ theme and “bitches twerking on water.”


While animated film ‘Home’ (with Riri as the voice of main character ‘Tip’) opened up at No. 1 taking $102.2 million worldwide, looks like the Rihanna reign won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

– Stephen Paul


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