5 Black-British Artist’s You Need to Hear Before 2015!

5 Black-British Artist’s You Need to Hear Before 2015!

This year has gone pretty fast, and it seems that record labels have been dishing out new act’s even faster this year. The competition is tight, and it’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of new tracks Radio 1 plays us everyday, so i’ve decided to create a short list for you, showing the up-and-coming acts and popular acts that I highly recommend you listening to before the next batch of artists come along in 2015!

1. Bipolar Sunshine
To be honest, when i first listened to one of Bipolar’s tunes, I was a bit confused. Not what I expected. However, it was the raw songs like ‘Where Did The Love Go?’ and ‘Rivers’ that really opened my eyes to Bipolar Sunshine’s alternative flow.

2. Labrinth
Yes, you obviously know who Lab is. And you’re probably wondering why he’s on this list because you have ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ on your library. Well I still feel he needs to be on here, because with his new album on the way which offers a lot more of a different sound than his debut, i think that all you electronic and pop fans need to open yours ears soon. ‘Jealous’ was a smash, and I expect to hear more tracks like this on ‘Take Me to the Truth’, out next year.

3. Lianne La Havas
It’s been over two years since La Havas released her Mercury Prize-Nominated debut album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’and throughout this year the songstress has been reminding us that the following LP will be out in 2015. I don’t know what to expect, another acoustically beautiful record, or a more developed album with a completely different sound… i just don’t know. So in the mean time, listen to ‘Elusive’, ‘Au Cinema’ and ‘Forget It’.

I’ve been following this guys journey way before he got signed, when all he had under his name was a writing credit for The Saturdays and a few covers on SoundCloud. But this year he’s been chucking some bangers at us, like ‘Every Little Word’ and ‘I Wrote a Song About You’. Now, with his latest helping, and by far my favourite release so far…’The Rhythm’, it’s probably the best dance track i’ve heard before the end of this year, and i have a feeling it will be for you too, so get listening!

5. Nao
Nao is a newcomer to the music industry. However you may have already seen her on your Soundcloud feed, her collaboration with A.K Paul has over 700,00 plays, damn! I actually heard Nao’s stand-out voice for the first time when fellow soul-singer Kwabs posted one of her tracks on twitter, and i just had to take this mans word! She is definitely one to keep your eye on. And just before the big ’15, Nao’s only gone and given us the ‘So Good’ E.P, which is SO GOOD!

​-Olly Reeves


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