Bianca Miller…The People’s Apprentice

Bianca Miller…The People’s Apprentice


Two Friday’s ago, the House of Black team all met up for a lovely Christmas dinner. Somehow we ended up discussing how it was really hard to find Black British shows to watch, let alone write about. When I thought about it deeper, it is so true, if not all, right now all the black shows I watch are American. They may be good shows like How to Get away with Murder or everyone’s favourite, Scandal but where are the real representations of us (Black British) on screen.

Many of us tuned into the final of The Apprentice on the Sunday before last, anticipating who would triumph, Bianca or Mark. We watched old contestants come back as the two went head to head. I’ve followed The Apprentice for as long as I can remember and I can say it is definitely a very enlightening show. I know the apprentice is far from being “Black British” but one thing I can say about the show this year, Bianca Miller, made me proud to Black and British!

For those of you who don’t watch the show, we follow contestants governed by entrepreneur, Sir Alan Sugar. Over 11 weeks 20 self-made successful businessmen and women, battle through a series of challenges. Ultimately to become Lord Sugar’s “apprentice”, the winner ends up with a £250,000 investment to go towards their new business venture, from the man himself.

Bianca had come up with what I thought was an amazing idea. Skin tone tights, catering to all ethnicities. I mean, I think us black girls will definitely agree there are no skin tone tights for us. How many of you have tried a pair that you think might just fit your skin tone and as a result ended up with grey/ashy looking legs. Yes a very simple idea but it was definitely the best business plan. And in terms of filling a gap and putting Nubian skin on the market, Bianca certainly did that.

Although she didn’t win, Bianca is going ahead with her idea. Not only does her brand cater to ethnic and black people she is a positive representation of black woman. Through twitter I saw so many young people reaching out to her, saying they felt motivated and inspired after watching her progress on the show. We need more of the Bianca Miller’s of the world on our screens.

Bianca’s line is not out quite yet but to register your interest and to support Bianca’s skin tone tights check out her website

-Rhea Agard


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