From ‘Dark Girls’ to ‘Light Girls’ The Colourism Debate Continues…

From ‘Dark Girls’ to ‘Light Girls’ The Colourism Debate Continues…


Filmmakers Bill Dukes and D. Channsin Berry collaborated on a project called ‘Dark Girls’, that was eventually released in the UK in 2013. The documented film explored and focused on the struggles that black women, of darker shades had been exposed to in the past, as well as self-esteem issues they deal with in the present from the behaviours of black people as a whole.

Overall, it was an honest documentation of black society’s attitude towards dark skinned women even including interviews of dark skinned men stating why they wouldn’t want to date a dark skinned woman. Obviously, the film was a catalyst for many debates amongst all people of various ethnicities across social media and now the colourism debate continues with Bill Dukes follow up ‘Light Girls’.

The sequel again delves into the history of colourism but in contrast to ‘Dark Girls’ it will showcase various untold stories, of lighter skinned women not only in the U.S but also across the world, who’s struggles were perceived to be easier and of more value than any dark skinned woman.

Dukes, has already described the now awaiting documentary as a study of the advantages and disadvantages of being a light-skinned woman, facing the question: Does light skin make for an easier life?

“Light Girls” explores skin colour to see whether the ‘paper bag’ method really did make a significant difference. In addition sociologists and psychologists, provide an international analysis that addresses deep issues like skin bleaching, bullying and probably one of the most popular #TeamLightSkin vs. #TeamDarkSkin that was birthed on twitter and continues to escalate.

Featured are interviews with well know public figures including: Russell Simmons, India Are, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Kym Whitley, Iyanla Vanzant and much more.

In January of the New Year ‘Light Girls’ will be released on OWN apart of the networks ‘Selma 50 month’. The month highlights 50 years exactly after iconic marches, honouring civil rights legends that paved the way. There will also be exclusive interviews from Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo of Selma and the real people.

– Roxanne McKenzie.


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