Have you heard Denai Moore’s “Elsewhere” Album?

Have you heard Denai Moore’s “Elsewhere” Album?


Jamaican born, London raised singer-songwriter Denai Moore has already made her mark in the industry by catching the attention of her peers with her three EP’s and one recently released album ‘Elsewhere.’

Moore has mentioned that she caught the musical bug at a young age when experimenting with various instruments such as the Piano and Harmonica. When she moved to the UK she got a guitar and that’s where her musical journey really began.

Before starting work on her debut album ‘Elsewhere’ Moore was picked up by Because Music where she released three EP’s: The Lake, I Swore and Saudade all of which shift from genre to genre.

For those of you that may not be familiar with her, her sound takes on nocturnal soul and folk guitars that accompany her power, soulful vocals.

Moore’s debut album ‘Elsewhere’ has been available since 6th April and is available on iTunes. The album is filled with tracks that draw on folk, indie and R&B. The lyrics display broken relationships and I’d say this collection of music is good to listen to when you just need to spend some sombre time alone time with yourself.

Moore is very experimental with genres and I can say it’s refreshing to hear this type of sound coming from people in my age group. Not everyday ‘stepping in my red bottoms, bout to turn up with my girls, we ‘poppin’ bottles!’ – (I made that up, don’t Google).

– Roxanne McKenzie


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