Drake borrows bars from Skepta!

Drake borrows bars from Skepta!


Its pretty clear we have something they don’t. Raw talent.

Let me start form the beginning… well, not exactly. I’ll just give you a little background information to bring you up to date. Back in October Tyga had a series of tweets expressing his true feelings toward his label and boss Baby aka Birdman over at Cash Money records. Social media went mad as Tyga opened up, saying he is owed thousands, the label puts money into the artists they believe in despite the success of Tyga’s solo songs. He also suggested that Drake is a fuck boy in short, but that’s allegedly.

Months later Cash Money artist and Young Money president frontman Lil’ Wayne also tweeted that he was being held a “prisoner” at Cash Money records. Due to this feud that left some artists laughing, Lil’ Wayne’s long awaited eleventh studio album ‘Tha Carter V’ has been put on hold, to give him time to pursue suing the label for millions, supposedly.


As an apology to the fans and as compensation, Wayne released his ‘Sorry 4 the Wait 2’ mixtape, the sequel to his 2011 ‘Sorry 4 the Wait’ mixtape that served the same purpose. The seventeen tracks features 13 remixes and only four original songs, but I guess that’s what a mixtape is supposed to be. What stood out to me and I guess to a few others, was one of the original songs titled ‘Used to’ that features Drake.

In this song Drake bites Skepta’s bars from his song ‘That’s Not Me’. “Shout out to the Gs from the ends, We don’t love no girls from the ends”, Drake raps, these same words that were said by Skepta on his song. Instantly, those familiar with Skepta’s song and it’s £80 video, picked up on it. Now while we sit and smile and say “This is great. Drake listens to Grime or UK Hip-Hop,” I’m a little bothered.

It may not be an issue for Skepta, but for me it is a ‘give credit where credits due’ situation. I’m all down for sampling, remixing, adding, layering and all the rest, because let’s be real originality is very hard for some. But everyone has Drake down as this brilliant wordsmith that has catchy lines and phrases that people think are amazing (See: Yolo). Now, if this was something that could catch on, and become another Drake phrase would he then reference Skepta as the originator, and would Skepta have a problem if he didn’t? I think we all know the answer to those questions. Drake better just have a remix of ‘That’s Not Me’ on this upcoming album or mixtape, or even a shouout. Shit.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has taken something and it has become more successful than it did with the originator, without the artist crediting the originator until they get called out, but let’s not be mean, Beyoncé isn’t the only one. Anyway though I will say this….

I want the UK to keep doing what they’re doing, I think a lot of artists from outside the UK favor us because it’s all about the music, and we are very supportive of different sounds, genres and image. For the longest I’ve been saying Aubrey wants to be a British Jamaican.

Sorry 4 the Wait 2 and ‘That’s Not Me are both available now on iTunes.

-Stephen Paul


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