Eddie Murphy cast as Richard Pryor’s Father in new Biopic

Eddie Murphy cast as Richard Pryor’s Father in new Biopic

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Lee Daniel’s, director of The Butler and Precious, is moving forward with his Richard Pryor biopic and has made a major addition to his cast. Mike Epps is already locked to play the legendary comedian, but news came last week that another legendary comedian is in advanced talks to play Richard Pryor’s father. Daniels hinted at the casting in an Instagram post featuring the Oscar nominated director and the for Beverly Hills Cop star.

Depending on your age, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor or both were comedian’s that every black wannabe comedians wished to be. They were also knew each other and were friends in real life, Murphy acknowledging the influence Pryor had on him- so this casting is perfect. Not to mention, if we’re being honest, Eddie hasn’t really been in a good film in a while. The pedigree and subject matter of this film gives us some hope he’ll be back on form.

Don’t expect it to just be a laugh riot though. Richard Pryor had a notoriously depressing upbringing. From growing up in his grandmother’s brothel, being sexually abused at 7 and abandoned by his alcoholic mother at 10- expect a lot of sadness before the laughter begins.

Playing Pryor’s father Eddie will take the ‘character’ of LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor a World War II veteran, boxer and hustler.
Pryor was one of the first black comedians to command a large white audience, for anyone not familiar with Richard Pryor or his work you owe it to yourself to catch up before the film comes out, next awards season.

– Dylan Wiggan


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