US smash hit ‘Empire’ is coming to British Screens on E4

US smash hit ‘Empire’ is coming to E4

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The biggest show in a decade is coming to UK television via E4!

First Lady favourite ‘Empire’ finally has a home on UK screens after E4 won a fierce bidding war for the Fox smash hit musical. Many probably have seen the show through alternate means, but this will be most people’s first chance to see the show that boasts a chart topping soundtrack from super producer Timbaland.

Empire is further proof, if needed, that the US is far better at creating ethnically diverse content then the UK. As happy as I am about this news, especially as it’s on a free to air channel ensuring the biggest possible audience, it sad that we must still rely on the US to add some colour to our TV’s palette. When we really try we can compete with anyone: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Top Gear, Doctor Who, are just a few of the worldwide hits UK TV produces. One thing they sadly have in common is that they a predominately feature only white people- diverse hits like Luther are sadly few and far between.

The channel choice of E4 is a curious one to me. Clearly Channel Four bosses think Empire skews younger and will benefit being on channel made for that audience rather than their flagship channel. It is refreshing to see that younger audiences respond better to diverse programming and really give me hope for the future of the television landscape. However if it repeats it US success expect it to make the move to the main channel sooner or later and become a true mainstream hit (which unfortunately usually gets followed by getting snapped up by Sky).

Empire is expected to premiere on UK screens later this year. Until then you’ll be able to find me dancing to the soundtrack on Spotify.

– Dylan Wiggan


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