The Show Everyone Has Been Talking About…EMPIRE!

The Show Everyone Has Been Talking About…EMPIRE!

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I really do try my hardest to stay away from writing about African- American shows, I promise I do but when it comes to new black series, I am your girl! See there is this new show and it has already got the black community captivated and it is called Empire. If you haven’t heard about it, then I don’t know where you have been…

Just last week we all watched on as Selma well deservedly received an Academy Award nomination for best picture. However David Oyelowo was robbed of being nominated for best lead actor and the director of the film was also left out. So maybe the director of Empire, Lee Daniels (The Butler) has found a niche in musical dramas as the way to go if we want to be recognised?

Empire hits our screens every Wednesday on FOX (those who don’t have this channel search around on the internet for a link). Of course I’m not going to give away the whole story but I will give you a short run down; it is about a rap label run by Lucious (Terrence Howard), he has three sons and he has just found out he is dying. So the three sons will be competing to be the next successor, but oh if it was ever that easy, Lucious has a ratchet crazy ex wife (Taraji. P. Henson) and she is fresh out of prison in search of what she believes is hers.

Rapper 50 Cent has been calling the show out, believing they copied his marketing plan for his hit Starz series Power…I would be lying if I said the shows didn’t have the same type of vibe however they are very different. Empire’s advantage is that is has chosen to put taboo issues as the focus of the storyline, in the first episode the homophobia in hip-hop takes up a considerable amount of the story.

I really like this show, we needed something besides Love & Hip Hop, and the pairing of Henson and Howard is genius. Although I am not quite sure about the sudden outburst of singing every now and again, and it is still about love, drugs and Hip Hop, but definitely still one to watch none the less. Check it out!

-Rhea Agard


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