Things to be excited for in 2015!

Things to be excited for in 2015!


2015 is finally here! And it looks to be just as jam packed with entertainment as the last. Here I compile 5 things to look forward to this year.

Selma – In theatres February 6th
Already out in limited release in the US and favourite for awards this season, Selma is the story of the 1956 voting rights marches. With a critically acclaimed performance of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Britain’s own David Oyelowo this is already being dubbed a future classic and cannot be missed.

Top Five – In theatres March 20th
Legendary stand-up comedian Chris Rock writes, directs and stars in this acclaimed independent comedy film. Described as a ‘black’ Woody Allen film Rock has received the best notices of his movie career for this personal tale.

Luther – Airing on BBC One, date TBA
Idris Elba will return in what may be the last outing for his famous shaggy coated detective- at least on small screens anyway. Elba has continually talked up a film outing for the classic series, but to tide over the wait for that (and for the US TV adaption) we’ll have more episodes by years end.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore – Airing on Comedy Central, date TBA
Stepping into the shoes of the mighty Stephen Colbert is no easy task. Fortunately Larry Wilmore is an industry veteran, and was always funny on The Daily Show with Jon Stewert, and is long overdue a shot at the big time.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – In theatres December 18th
Next Xmas the wait will finally be over. The sequel to Return of the Jedi will finally be released and a chapter in the classic space saga will finally be unveiled. Leading us into this uncharted territory in the galaxy will be Britain’s own John Boyega, who is already causing quite a stir as the first ‘black storm trooper’.

-Dylan Wiggan


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