Fast & Furious 7 Billion dollar diverse hit

Fast & Furious 7 Billion dollar diverse hit

Furious 7 Movie Poster

The seventh, yes seventh, instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise is not only the biggest one yet but is one of the biggest films of all time at the worldwide box office. In a record 17 days Furious 7 made over 1 billion dollars worldwide beating previous pace setters Avatar, The Avengers and Harry Potter 8’s 19 days. It’s currently on pace to break into the top 3 all-time chart with over 1.3 billion- well at least until Avengers and Star Wars releases.

The most impressive part of Furious 7’s success is that it’s built on a large and incredibly diverse cast, well for a mainstream blockbuster anyway. Man/woman, black/white, asian/latino all represented in the Furious franchise.

Nothing speaks louder than money in Hollywood so this breakout success will send shockwaves through the movie studios. Knowing our luck they will only take from this that people like cars, but hopefully someone might notice the hugely positive reaction to such a diverse film.

Another cool thing about Furious 7’s success is that this film brings in black Briton Nathalie Emmanuel. The essex girl, probably best known for Game of Thrones, plays a genius hacker that quickly becomes a part of the ‘family’. Black Briton’s have been on hot form in Hollywood lately with the likes of David Oyelow and Chiwetel Ejiofor stealing headlines- but that’s just awards faire/indie film. This success is in mainstream blockbuster that pretty much everyone will see, so although the quality isn’t as strong as say Selma or 12 Years A Slave it, its message of diversity will reach much further.

So hats off to Dom Toretto and the rest of the gang, one of Hollywood’s biggest hits ever is perhaps it’s most diverse. Here’s to the next quarter mile!

– Dylan Wiggan


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