Have you heard of FKA Twigs? Or her tweets?

Have you heard of FKA Twigs? Or her tweets?

Have you heard of FKA Twigs? Do you know that she is actually a musician, not just a hollywood actors latest grab? Well I do. For a matter of fact, I knew about this alternative angel’s music way before this whole Robert Pattinson crap. So if you have no clue what i’m talking about then i’ll give you a brief over-view of the subject… Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart was dumped by Pattinson after she heartlessly cheated on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Seems pretty reasonable, right? Wrong (according to the Twilight obsessives). These keyboard warriors believe that Robert should have of forgiven little, innocent, Snow White, and driven off into the sunset via Rupert Sanders’ Bentley. So when Twigs and Robert subtly announced their romance how did the Twi-hards react to this? A clenched fist and a veiny forehead? Of course not…they are called Twi-hards for a reason.

“@FKAtwigs you’re a monkey abortion.”

“You’re like a monkey, really can’t believe that Rob kissed you.”

These are just two out of thousands of tweets that shocked and disgusted not only myself and many other music-lovers, but the lady herself. After nearly a week of silence, FKA Twigs decided to step up to the vampires of the Twitter-sphere and give them a blunt bite of the truth.


But of course, vampires have eternal life, meaning a few 140 character tweets wouldn’t stop them.

“@FKAtwigs you’re talentless & ugly that’s why people call you that, you’re the one who’s racist for blaming your skin”

Twigs then abandoned the situation and probably realised that she’s got more important things to do, like tour her Mercury Prize-nominated album and grab a Starbucks with her man.

Therefore, if Twigs doesn’t give a sh*t, then neither should we. She’s got her boyfriend, her beats and her fans. I don’t think a musical diva could ask for anymore? So for me, this article has been a bit of rant. But a rant that was needed. I would never expect that in the 21st century, a soon-to-be power-couple of the indie music and film scene to receive so much grief, especially from people that a supporting a cheater! As a wise woman (Lady GaGa) once said “Stop the drama. Start the music.”

So, why not try it? Sink your teeth into a little bit of FKA Twigs’ debut album, LP 1 (which personally is one of the most smart, beautiful yet creepy album’s i’ve ever listened to) before you make your judgement on which couple should be on the cover of next weeks OK Magazine.

– Olly Reeves

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