Glory! John Legend and Common Bring Oscar Attendees to Tears

Glory! John Legend and Common Bring Oscar Attendees to Tears


Apart from Eastenders and the who killed Lucy saga, there hasn’t been anything really hot on television this week. I mean, there was the Oscars today but I found it boring, I definitely could of given it a miss. The only things that really stood out for me was Lady Gaga’s performance (not a fan of hers but that lady can really sing) and the performance of “Glory” from Selma.
The song was performed with the help of a strong choir, the stage housed a backdrop replica of Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge, this bridge was walked across in 1965 by hundreds of people demanding the right to vote.
Each and every time Common and John Legend, sing this song it radiates so much power and speaks volumes on so many levels. But there was something different about this particular performance. I was not the only one to feel it…the duo managed to bring the audience to tears and receive a standing ovation. The pair later on went on to deservedly win an Oscar for best original song.

You know my posts always come with a link, so If you didn’t catch the performance, check it out.

– Rhea Agard


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