Gugu Mbatha-Raw Stateside again in ‘Free State of Jones’

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Stateside again in ‘Free State of Jones’

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Since the start of the New Year, word on the street has been that Gugu Mbatha-Raw will appear alongside Matthew McConaughey in a new project called ‘Free State of Jones’. The film will be independently produced and is worth a nice $65 million.
Based on a true story, it follows the relationship of Newt Knight (McConaughey) and slave, Rachel Knight (Mbatha-Raw). Their post-war marriage made the regions first mixed race community. The film also explores the civil war rebellion he had led against the Confederacy.

The 1948 ‘Tap Roots’ film was loosely based on the story of Knight but to add to this “Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War” is a book that supplies much more detailed information regarding the story.
Gary Ross who’s responsible for ‘The Hunger Games’ wrote the script for this project and will be directing as well as producing it along with Scott Stuber and Jon Kilik.

So far reports are telling that this project is set to start shooting in New Orleans and LA from February leading up to May of this year, so once post production takes place we should be seeing a 2016 release.

Interesting choice of a role for Mbatha-Raw, her previous work includes Gina Prince Bythewoods ‘Beyond the Lights’ and Amma Asante’s period drama ‘Belle’ that focused on the trials and tribulations of a mixed race girl adopted into an aristocratic family, she comes across class and colour prejudice.

-Roxanne McKenzie


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