House of Black 2.0 THE HOUSE THAT LOVES US

House of Black 2.0 THE HOUSE THAT LOVES US

I (re)launched House of Black because everyone deserves to be loved and everyone deserves to feel good. Here, we strive to showcase and celebrate black talent, beauty and brilliance, because self-love is both necessary and essential.

This is for anyone who’s ever felt less than, undervalued, underappreciated, overlooked. For anyone who has the courage to believe that deep down that there’s got to be more than this, more to us, more to the story and wants to join me on a journey to better. A journey to something new, whatever that may be… 

I wanted to create a space where Black people could come and feel safe and welcome. Somewhere to be entertained, educated, empowered. A place for us to feel good about ourselves for a change; from the inside out. Maybe even feel proud or inspired.

I want you to know that you’re more than you’ve been told or shown and remind you how beautiful and brilliant you truly are. I want to encourage us all to Love ourselves more, love each other more and love our lives more. 

This place should always remind you how dope you are. This place should like you, love you, light you and lift you. I hope you feel seen. I hope you feel heard. I hope you feel loved, valued and appreciated. Because we deserve to be seen! Our words are worth hearing! Our stories are worth telling! 

When the world has knocked you down, drained or devalued you, House of Black is your home away from home. The house you can visit anytime, anywhere in the world to be uplifted. To be entertained, to be educated, to be empowered, to be energised. This is where you come when you want to remember who the fuck you are! In the words of the great Mufasa “Remember who you are Simba!” [Lion King]

God told me to remind you who the fuck you are! So picture the clouds opening, lightning flashing, followed by thunder, a big booming bellowing voice and consider this your first official reminder. The days of allowing other people to tell us who we are are over. The days of not knowing who we are are over. The days of us not liking, loving or being kind to ourselves, are over. 

God told me to love us, so I did and still do. Let’s see what happens when we are brave and let love lead our way. I’m here to show love, spread love and share love and I invite you to join me on this adventure! Let’s see what we discover

Written by: @leiandarell – Leian Darell

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