Idris Elba breaks UK land speed record for new TV show

Idris Elba breaks UK land speed record for new TV show

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I was reading through the House of Black mail bag and along with the usual pictures of genitalia and samples of toe nail clippings (JOKE) was a particularly astute criticism of this here blog. The writer used lots of colourful language, but in between the insults they suggested they were ‘unhappy’ with the amount of coverage Idris Elba was getting here of late. While not all they said was accurate (certainly my sister has never even been to Greece) that did hit on some truth. And as I can handle criticism with great maturity, I’ve took that note on board and there will be no more Idris for a while on here. So without further ado, let’s get back to this week’s blog.

IDRIS ELBA has sped into the record books this by smashing the 88 year old UK land speed record in an £175,000 Bentley Continental. IDRIS ELBA averaged over 180mph over a measured mile, beating the previous record of 174mph. IDRIS ELBA attempted the record for a new TV show that he is filming for Discovery UK called No Limits.

IDRIS ELBA said after breaking the record: ‘I’m absolutely elated to have broken the “Flying Mile” at Pendine Sands. It’s an honour to have taken on the challenge, and to successfully follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Sir Malcolm Campbell. Also, I believe this feat to be totally worthy of a blog post. Anyone who would doubt that are wrong and very silly- regardless of how much they have talked about me lately. And for the record Dylan Wiggan’s mother is a saint who has all of her own teeth.’
Wow is there anything he can’t do?

-Dylan Wiggan


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