Idris Elba to be ‘kickass’ Villain in the next Star Trek movie?

Idris Elba to be ‘kickass’ Villain in the next Star Trek movie?

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Black brits seem to be doing pretty well in deep space lately. First we had John Boyega running around a desert dressed as a stormtrooper all sweaty and confused. Now there’s Idris Elba ready to hinder the boldly going of the Star Trek gang.
It’s not even officially official yet, but it a pretty open secret that The Elb (as I assume he demands to be called) will be the villain in the next Star Trek film. Following in fellow Brit Benny Cumberbatch’s footsteps he’ll be trying to take down those meddling kids in the Enterprise next year.

Few details of the next movie are known yet but screenwriter and star Simon Pegg did give out a tidbit of info last week saying how they are writing a ‘Kickass’ role for Elba.

Now, rest assured reader, after hearing that information, the House of Black researcher team and I sprang into action. Armed only with a strong will (and a multipack of mini cheddars) we spent the past week scouring through Star Trek lore searching for references to a ‘kickass’ person. This included approximately 1000 hours of television series, movies and video games as well as nearly 100 books. By Sunday the researcher team had all been fired, quit or hospitalised. Two ducks’ wings got stepped on and one researcher spilt yogurt all over himself. It was all worth it in the end though as at 4:37am the other night I saw a scene were Uhura gets ‘kicked’ in her ‘ass’ by a Klingon. Compelling evidence I’m sure you’ll agree. It is now safe to say that Idris Elba will play a Klingon in Star Trek 3.

Now some (including a few fired researchers) have argued my efforts were pointless speculation and that Uhuru scene was a hallucination after too many mini cheddars. But here at The House of Black we don’t rest on our laurels and make sure we bring you the news first, even if it comes at cost of accuracy!

Fast and Furious director Justin Lin will be calling the shots on this latest Star Trek, taking over from Star Wars bound JJ Abrams. It’s due to release July 8th 2016, giving The Elb plenty of time to brush up on his Klingon. Quapla’!

– Dylan Wiggan


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