Together We Stand Divided We Fall – J.Cole gives us the visuals for G.O.M.D

Together We Stand Divided We Fall – J.Cole gives us the visuals for G.O.M.D


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I rarely write about rappers or singers nor do I like to repeat post topics unless it’s a follow up of course. But J.Cole is back, again! This time he hasn’t just amazed me with his lyrics or raw comments, he has inspired me, with the visuals to his new music video G.O.M.D!

Cole has been a political activist during Ferguson and the anti blackness surrounding America, so it is no surprise he has reflected this within his work. His creativity has taken him all the way back to the 19th century where he reignites slavery with a twist.

In the music video we watch as J Cole takes on the part of main protagonist and becomes the well known “house n*gger”, serving a white family in-house. Cole is shown to be favoured by his master and hated by his fellow black people. Fed up of the divide Cole plans a scheme to revolt against his white masters, bringing all the slaves together to overthrow them. I love how honest Cole is, embracing his lighter skin through the position he played to show how huge the divide was back then, although it is clear it’s residue still remains till this day.

It goes as far back as slavery when we think about the on going rivalry of the black race. Segregated by skin complexion, this hierarchy left those in the house to feel as though they were better than those the field. So from early on they were conditioned to compete with one another, something that has stuck till this current day. Black people still desire to step on one another, tear each-other down for their own self gain and accomplishments. Although critics have said the video shares similarities to Selma and Django, we need to pick up on the deeper serious message, I think Cole is trying to present to black people: together we stand divided we fall!

-Rhea Agard


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