SBTV’S Jamal Edwards receives MBE

SBTV’S Jamal Edwards receives MBE


A few weeks back Jamal Edwards received his MBE medal at Buckingham Palace. As it was announced at the end of last year that he has made the list, I had forgotten that he still had to collect it.

The young entrepreneur from West London, started out simply recording videos to playback to his friends but this was just the start of something big. It was not until he began uploading videos from his camera on to YouTube that Jamal realised his content appealed to an audience that was hugely underrepresented; which only encouraged him to make it better.

Almost a decade later, now at twenty-four Jamal Edwards and his brand “SBTV” is recognised the UK’s leading youth channel.

The young black entrepreneur has gone from YouTube uploads to touring, partying and interviewing some major industry names. He could even be held responsible for launching some of music’s biggest stars from the UK (after appearing on his channel); it is clear Jamal continues to excel, going from strength to strength.

Rumoured to be worth £8m, the self made multimillionaire now has well over a million views, and over 5,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

I love his passion, I love his drive and ambition. I think he’s a great role model for young people and can be an advocate for them also; especially those who come from a similar background and share similar interests.

The fact that his contributions to music has been acknowledged as something great in such a short time frame only tells us there is plenty more to come from him. It goes to show that it only takes an idea, a gap in the market where you can identify your niche, and commitment to make your dream a reality.

– Stephen Paul


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