My Two Cents: Kanye West debuts the “Yeezy 750 Boost” at New York Fashion Week

My Two Cents: Kanye West debuts the “Yeezy 750 Boost” at #NYFW


The egotistical self proclaimed “God” that is Kanye West; opened New York Fashion Week with the unveiling of his new collection with Adidas, commencing Yeezy Season.


In front of a very impressive front row, guests included Alexander Wang, Cassie, Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Anna Wintour to name a few, the “Yeezy 750 Boost” took centre stage. The “750 Boost” take on a similar silhouette to the Nike variations, but with a much higher upper. Overall, the “750 Boost” come across unstructured, unfinished and almost cheap in appearance. Coming in at a £350, cheap is something they aren’t, yet these look like a lessor to its predecessors. Minor features such as the hide-away zip closure and the ribbed white sole, I’m in favour of, the rest can go.


This Adidas collaboration has been long anticipated since Kanye ended his partnership with Nike back in 2013 and announced he has a new partnership with rival brand Adidas. What a cheeky kick in the face that was!

The departure supposedly came when Kanye wasn’t getting royalties from the collaboration, despite the huge success of the “Air Yeezy”. As a result, the “Red October’s” were heavily delayed due to the termination of contract at Nike, resulting to the unexpected release one Sunday morning in February 2014.


Kanye promised that the new deal at Adidas includes royalties, which is important to him because it means he can invest and set money aside for daughter, North West’s future. Which he was unable to do with the Nike contract.

The “Nike Air Yeezy” series has left a long-lasting impression on the sneaker world, and while I wasn’t interested in them undoubtedly they are a very attractive collaboration. This collaboration however… underwhelming! But behold all followers of “Yeezus” and alleged “sneakerheads” that proclaim it’s the next best thing. Don’t get me wrong Kanye is a great rapper, songwriter and visionary; but designer he is NOT! I don’t really care what you have to say, Kanye has a good eye but I’m not feeling this collection in the slightest. Creative direction seems to be his calling.


I anticipated much more from the collection, the Nike variations have set the standards pretty high. They have got better with each release and each colourway, showing so much progression and development for something that was just an idea. Whilst some argue that these are a more “high-end” version to the streetwear ready Nike versions, I couldn’t agree less.

As for the clothes that where debuted; there were great pieces and visually it was good to look at, but only on the runway. The practicality of some of those skin-toned tank tops and leggings will not be sensible for the streets. When looking at it as a whole, I think the most fitting way to describe this collection is “Post -apocalyptic”. Very bare, and minimalistic in terms of the colour palette and pieces, with not much variation, I waited for Will Smith to pop up somewhere reprising his role as Dr. Robert Neville.


I can only hope there is better to come from these two. What do you think?

-Stephen Paul


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