Kinks, Curls and Cash: The Black Beauty debate continues

Kinks, Curls and Cash: The Black Beauty debate continues


The debate about Afro Caribbean – or Black hair – and the Black beauty industry has been up till now very America-centric. However with Kinks, Curls and Cash, Salome Wagaine and her team hope to re-center the debate on the politics and the business of Black hair in Britain.

The ambitious documentary has been proposed by Wagaine, writer, director and producer of the feature and will be composed of interviews from people connected with and interested in the Black hair industry.

The politics behind black hair and black beauty – and the ways that both are tied into black culture and identity – are extensive and complicated. Nevertheless, men and women of color constantly see black culture reduced, appropriated and exploited by high profile celebrities. We have seen white women – Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift – applauded and praised for wearing – appropriating – styles that black men and women have been wearing for hundreds of years.

Likewise, in his funny and insightful documentary on good hair, Chris Rock reveals how much the black hair and beauty industry in America is dominated by Korean Business men and women but, surprisingly, not by women of color.

What Wagaine and her team hope to focus on – with Kinks, Curls and Cash – are Black British businesswomen and entrepreneurs – Black women in Britain who have built, or are in the process of building, businesses dedicated to the care of black hair.

Wagaine and her team are currently looking for contributors – find out more about the Documentary, and how you can contribute, on their website Support them on Twitter.

– Hannah Campbell


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