“Freak of the week”- Krept and Konan signed to Sony!

“Freak of the week”- Krept and Konan signed to Sony!

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After many weeks, I finally managed to mention rap duo Krept & Konan, and their long awaited studio album, ‘The Long Way Home.’

And since that previous post the pair have dropped their latest single ‘Freak of the Week’ that appears on their upcoming album. Now whether they read my post somehow and took my advice, it is unclear, but this is what they needed.

The first official single is produced by DJ Mustard and features US singer Jeremih. Although not the first time we’ve seen these three come together, we expect nothing short of great and catchy, and is definitely a hot one.

The dancehall inspired track hears Jeremih singing the hook, for all the self-proclaimed “freaks”, I guess now is your time. The accompanying video, boasts some big fur jackets, and some very attractive ladies with bigger assets. Neon lights, and a lot of gloss, the video seems to draw inspiration from Tokyo (check it out here).

With speakers on full blast with this song playing throughout the course of the summer, I hope to see it climb charts. The song had already appeared on YouTube’s ‘Songs of the Week’ list, and has received substantial amount of views I a short time frame. Not to mention Carnival season is fast approaching, which means it will go down well. I’m glad they listened to me, and took my advice, or some of it at least. [LOL]

On that same day the two also signed their Sony publishing deal, so all the best to them. See the rest of the track listing below.

1. The Long Way Home (feat. Derrick Morgan)
2. Last Night (feat. YG)
3. Fell Apart (Interlude) (feat. Konan’s Mum)
4. Fell Apart / Lucky Ones
5. Drifting Away
6. Do It For The Gang (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
7. I Don’t Know (feat. Rebecca Garton)
8. Certified (feat. Rick Ross)
9. Because Of You
10. Think About It
11. Freak Of The Week (feat. Jeremih)
12. Wait Up For Me (Interlude)
13. Wait Up For Me / Waiting
14. F.W.T.S / Active (feat. Skepta)
15. Dreams (feat. Ed Sheeran)
16. Roses (feat. Emeli Sande)
Deluxe Edition:
17. So Easy
18. Falling
19. Messages

– Stephen Paul


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