Krept and Konan’s Play Dirty Tease Collaboration with MMG

Play Dirty Tease Collaboration with MMG


Within the last year Krept & Konan have steadily risen to the top of the UK scene, and by the outlook of things, they will remain there throughout 2015.

Earlier this afternoon, the Hip-Hop duo teased us with a song from their upcoming album. The teaser that was initially scheduled for 7pm was brought forward to 3pm after a series of tweets asking fans to retweet, if they wanted it earlier. Teaming up with a hip-hop heavyweight, check it out for yourselves.

I can’t lie, although it is only fifteen seconds long, the “what is this… Maybach Music”, and “Play Dirty” mash up had me holding my breath. I am geared up for January 9th when the full song will premiere, on BBC 1xtra with DJ Semtex. This sounds as though it will be epic. Collaborating with Rick Ross is a major move, not just for them but the UK scene as a whole.

Although the pair are dominating the scene, I wonder if America is the next stop. Unsure if it is the case, let’s hope it isn’t as I don’t think they need look to America to be a “bigger” success. Although I understand why it would be a good move I don’t think they’re ready for that transition just yet. But who’s to say? I’m just voicing my concerns.

Clearly they’re doing something right though, because their single ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, was remixed by French Montana for his ‘Coke Boys 4’ mixtape, and also hitting the stage with Jeremih at this years MOBO’s for a ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ remix, shows that their international friends list is growing by the minute.

Building more bridges between the UK and USA is important as it means that UK rappers will be taken more seriously, and considered just as good to listeners outside of the UK. Remember though this isn’t the first UK/USA collab we’ve seen. Don’t forget ‘Chip’ formerly known as “Chipmunk” is signed to T.I.’s label ‘Grand Hustle Records’, where he has collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, and Trey Songs to name a few; and Sampha appears on Drake’s ‘Too Much’, and Beyoncé’s ‘Mine’. Also who can forget “It’s All Gravy”, the Romeo feat. Christina Milian song… Ahahaha!

But not to take away from their success, their 2013 ‘Young Kings’ mixtape has so far done well over here, entering the UK Albums Charts at number 19 and theUK R&B Chart at number three. Let’s see how much damage their debut album will do, expected early 2015. Watch this space.

– Stephen Paul


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