5 Black-British Albums to listen to before 2015!

5 Black-British Albums to listen to before 2015!

I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve felt completely bombarded with new music. So many new artists, so many new videos, singles! It’s been a big year for the industry. In my last article I narrowed down all of the new artists that I think you should listen to before 2015, and now I’m going to recommend five must-have LP’s. Drumroll please…

1) Trouble – Natalia Kills
A perfect electro-pop album from a girl no one really knows the name of. Her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ was a dark piece of art, but this follow-up demonstrates that pop music can be edgy, fierce and god-damn sexy! Although it was released about a year ago now, it still deserves a lot more credit than it has received, so don’t go one more year without this album! Keep an ear open for stand-out tracks Controversy, Daddy’s Girl and Watching You.

2) LP1 – FKA Twigs
fka twigs
How many times do I have to mention this woman? She needs no introduction after the amazing year that’s just been. I’m sure that by now some of you have gone with the flow and given yourself a preview of this album and either loved it or hated it! It’s an album filled with off-beats, backwards synths and creepy echo’s. You’ll never know if you like it until you listen to it! My top picks of the album are Kicks, Pendulum and Give Up.

3) Cupid Deluxe – Blood Orange
The second album of Blood Orange, also known as Dev Hynes, which was released in November 2013. This album is a fucking masterpiece, and i’m not joking! This man produced every one of the songs and wrote them all too (all except ‘Always Let U Down’ which is a cover). It’s one of the best examples of modern funk you can find! My favourites include Chamakay, Chosen and Time Will Tell.

4) Land Of CanAan – Marques Toliver
This album is another hidden treasure. It combines classical music and soul, with Toliver’s beautiful voice. One of the album’s highlights is Control, which marries a lyric about the desperation of being separated from a lover (“you know I hate sleeping alone, so do your best and hurry home”) to a heady mix of swirling strings and dramatic piano flourishes. Another song which is a ‘must-listen’ is White Sails, although it is not on the album!

5) NO ALBUM – Sampha
Okay, okay…maybe I’m cheating a bit. Singer/songwriter, Sampha hasn’t actually got a solo album out yet. But he does have a lot of material all over the internet that could possibly form an LP in the future. So here’s a track list I’ve created in my head that you’re all willing to dive into:
– Beneath The Tree
– Can’t Get Close
– Indecision
– Rainstars
– Shades
– Without
– Valentine (ft. Jessie Ware)

I would really recommend you listening to all of these songs, because they need to be put to use somewhere! Plus, if they are eventually put on album in 2015, you can say you heard it first!

-Olly Reeves


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