Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan Slam internet trolls

Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan Slam internet trolls

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Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four movie. In the comic books Johnny has always been white. Michael is black (and will continue to be in the film). These three facts were at the centre of a minor internet row the other week.

Sigh… This one comes up a lot. In fact, what with the abundance of comic book films these days this one comes up pretty much every week. The one thing I will say is at least comic book fans are consistent. They don’t want things changed from the books.
Full stop. Man to woman, black to white, shark to dinosaur- it doesn’t matter. They want the comics they grew up reading faithfully represented on screen. So when Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm complaints were inevitable, but still a bit sad. Especially if you’re Michael B. Jordan.

He commented on the issue last week urging internet trolls to “get their heads out of the computer” and “understand this is the world we live in”. He said society was a “more diverse place” than when the first issue of Fantastic Four was released in 1961.

Getting told you’re wrong for a part simply because of your skin colour can never be nice- especially when race has no bearing on the plot. Fortunately nothing turns complaints into praises like a good movie. A great turn in this movie and many kids will grow up only knowing the Fantastic Four as a diverse team of attractive young people. Needless to say there is a lot of pressure on young B. Jordan’s shoulders. I guess we’ll see how well he coped with it on when the movie comes out August 7th.

– Dylan Wiggan


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