Musicalize: UK Music acts get exposure after performing on same stage as headline act T Pain

UK Music acts get exposure after performing on same stage as headline act T Pain

So I had the opportunity of attending yet another Musicalize event; with a capacity of more than 2000, Indig02 draws in big crowds, and music lovers from across the country. What I appreciate more than anything is the leverage it gives unsigned and upcoming acts, the exposure is great for our talent to be noticed especially when amongst international artists like headline act T-Pain. With a lot of industry people all under one roof, Musicalize is also the perfect opportunity to network, and meet new people. Think ‘iLuvLive’ but on a bigger scale!

The night started off strong, led by three different dance groups who had all competed to get the chance to open the show. Runners up, TMDC led by twenty-year old choreographer Lamar Lee, of North London went first with great choreography and a strong soundtrack; quickly followed by Elements dance group who were good enough to be runners up but lacked energy in the execution. Winners of the competition, SD Crew showed us exactly why they won the competition, with a set just shy of five minutes, and completed with strobe lights for effect, it now prepared us for what to expect from the night.

Next up was a beautiful songstress graced the stage, also from North London, named SheZar. It was expected that talent runs through her veins, especially as she is the older sister to singer-songwriter/producer Labrinth. The vocal powerhouse performed a few of her own original songs, from her upcoming EP ‘SheZar’s the Name’, as well as a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’.

The highlight for me however, was when young actress/rapper Little Simz took the stage. Her presence was definitely felt as some fans began to mosh. The crowd was buzzing, and for me it created a different type of atmosphere that wasn’t already in the venue. Almost excitement, that this talented young lady could give some of the other female rappers out there a good run for their money! She performed both new and old stuff, including ‘Sleep Paralysis’, ‘Age 101’ and ‘Devour’. She also shared some big news that she has been nominated in two categories at this years MOBO Awards, for ‘Best Newcomer’, and ‘Best Hip-Hop Act’.

The night was still young and with a few more acts to come out before the headliner T-Pain, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The drinks were flowing, and between acts the host Aaron Roach kept us entertained enough. Twenty-year old Yungen of ‘Play Dirty’ was up next, and while I was familiar with only his old F64 on SBTV, it was good seeing a face I recognized. He has already caught enough attention for his lyricism not to mention his collaborations with other UK rappers. He performed a few of his songs, I’d be lying if I said I remembered the titles of them all, (at this point I had more doubles than a set of dominoes!) However, I know he performed ‘Ain’t On Nuttin’ with Sneakbo, from his new mixtape ‘Project Black & Red’. His delivery was wicked, and he had great stage presence, he ran the crowd through some other songs, to get us amped up and to have a sing-a-long I guess!

Lastly, P-Money who’s name I am familiar with but not his music, performed a few of his songs, which I can vaguely remember had a huge reception, but I can’t remember beyond that. – No offence if you’re reading this.

Overall the night was brilliant, T-Pain did eventually come out and do his thing, he turned up and showed out. Reminding us of his music catalogue, from his 2005 hit ‘I’m Sprung’, to his latest anthem ‘Up Down’. I’m an advocate for all types of UK music no matter the genre, and as I said seeing these young individuals owning the stage the way they did made me feel some type of way. If you’re interested this type of stuff I recommend a Musicalize event.

-Stephen Paul



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