Netflix takes on ‘Beast of No Nation’ starring Idris Elba as it’s next Project

Netflix takes on ‘Beast of No Nation’ starring Idris Elba as it’s next Project


If like me you love you some Idris Elba, you will be happy to know he will reappearing on our screens very soon. You may or may not have heard about Idris starring in the adaption of Uzodinma Iweala’s bestselling novel, Beast of No Nation (2013). The film was shot last year in Ghana and follows the story of a young African boy called Agu. As the civil war takes over his country he is recruited by a unit of guerrilla fighters, and is taken under the wing of his new commander played by Elba. As the ferocity of the war becomes more intense he begins to drift away and loose touch with the life he used to know. The film takes a powerful approach to addressing the issue of the dehumanising of child soldiers.

Netflix has stepped in, causing a bit of an uproar on the way and bought the rights to the film for 12 million. On Tuesday they announced that they will be debuting the film this year. It will be shown in selected cinemas, along with the option of streaming it online for their customers. The stress is on ‘selected’ cinemas, as a few US cinemas have already dropped out of screening the film due to the fact there will be no 90 day time slot between the theatrical and streaming release.

I personally love this new approach Netflix has taken, it means myself and many other Netflix users get to stream the film from the comfort of our homes the same day the film is released. On the other hand how Netflix will profit from the film with streaming option I don’t know…

The film has no confirmed release date as of yet… watch this space for further updates!

-Rhea Agard


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