New Idris Elba Documentary, Mandela, My Father and Me

New Idris Elba Documentary, Mandela, My Father and Me

HC Mandela

Idris Elba has worked on some of the highest rated television shows (The Wire, Luther) and some of highest grossing franchises (Marvel’s Avengers) of all time. The man has worked alongside the most sought after casts and crews in the industry and yet (unsurprisingly) it was his role as Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom (2013) that has clung to him.

Having been inspired by the role to create an album, titled ‘mi Mandela’ (2014), based on Elba’s experience of playing Mandela and featuring the talents of both South African and UK artists, Elba is now preparing for the release of his latest venture, a documentary titled, “Mandela, my Dad and Me”.

Elba has previously spoken about what playing Mandela meant to him – the experience of walking onto the Long Walk to Freedom set and being called mandiba by the extras, the long process of preparing to play the great man, which included a visit to Nelson’s prison, Robben Island – and now “Mandela, My Dad and Me” documents Elba’s personal journey as the he prepared for ‘mi Mandela’ and dealt with the loss of his father.

Directed by Daniel Vernon, the documentary will be screened early next month at the BFI Southbank, followed by a Q&A with Idris Elba himself (now, unfortunately, sold out).

– Hannah Campbell


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