“Straight outta Compton” the N.W.A biopic trailer is here!

“Straight outta Compton” the N.W.A biopic trailer is here!

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So last summer Dr Dre let us know that the N.W.A biopic was in production, months later the trailer is finally here! I may be a little bit late as I only watched the trailer a few days ago but I can’t wait for it to drop, I personally think it will be the movie of the year! And yaaas to this film not following suit of recent black biopics and making it a crappy Lifetime creation.
With their single “Straight Outta Compton” the west-coast hip hop group N.W.A (N*ggas With Attitude) put gangster rap on the map. You don’t need to even like rap or be born in that era to know or have heard about the group. They panicked the authorities, stood for black power and were infamously labelled the worlds most dangerous group. Their song “Fuck Tha Police” alone caused so much chaos with its brutal lyrics, so you can only imagine how great their story will be.

The story will follow the rise of five young men who we know as Dr Dre, Mc Ren, Ice Cube, Dj Yella, and Eazy E. They incorporated their upbringing from the ghettos of Compton into the mainstream, their lyrics and freedom of expression was heavily influential to generations, as they paved the way for well-known rappers to come. Jason Mitchell will play the late Eazy-E, Corey Hawkins will play Dr. Dre and O’Shea Jackson Jr will play his father, Ice Cube.

The biopic has a release date for August this year, for those who haven’t managed to check it out yet…watch the trailer below

– Rhea Agard


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