David Oyelowo Britain’s most in demand actor?

David Oyelowo Britain’s most in demand actor?

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

David Oyelowo is so hot right now. Since his breakout role of MLK in Selma his name seems to be the only words on everyone’s lips. To prove this theory me and the House of Black researcher team hit the streets and inspected everyone’s lips that we met. Unfortunately, one researcher got carried away with the experiment and tried to check someone’s lips with her own. She claims she could taste something Oyelowo-ish, but it was too late as the police had already asked us to go home (just kidding!)

Fortunately more reputable evidence of Oyelowo’s hotness has emerged of late with news that he has been cast in yet another film. This time it’s a thriller called Three Seconds that also stars Luke Evans. The film is about a man (Evans) forced to go undercover in a prison as part of an FBI sting operation. Oyelowo is on board to play an anti-social New York cop.

Add that cushy role to Old Yeller’s other upcoming films such as: Nina Simone biopic Nina, Five Nights in Maine, Captive, HBO movie Nightingale and he is currently working on Queen of Katwe with Lupita Nyong’o.

With that upcoming slate I think YOLO is up there with the best of British. Seriously, Benny Cumberbatch will probably be pulling out his curly mop hair in a jealous rage after seen that line up. Eddie Redmayne has probably thrown his wheel chair out the window (he shouldn’t have been using it still anyway, they stopped filming ages ago).

It’s great how even after working so long there is place for an actor to finally break out into the mainstream. Gives hope to the rest of us wannabes.

– Dylan Wiggan


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