Play Mas? This one’s for my theatre lovers…

Play Mas? This one’s for my theatre lovers…

RA play mas

If you know me (or have been reading my posts), you will know I am always in full support of black shows in the theatre. So of course this time is no different and the show in question is called Play Mas.

Play Mas is a revival of Mustapha Matura’s black comedy, directed by Paulette Randall. It is set against a backdrop of Trinidad, during the years surrounding the Island’s Independence and the politic unrest that came with it. The play takes you on a journey through this time, life in Trinidad before its independence and life after, both periods carrying two very different contrasting standpoints. Mas -which the play is named after- is Trinidad’s pre lent Carnival, which means we should expect lots of vibrant colours, music and energy.

I am sad that I will be away and missing it but for those of you that can go and see it, Play Mas is running until 11th April at the Orange Tree Theatre. For more information click here.

Also just a heads up for us young ones, £10 tickets are available for under 30s on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

-Rhea Agard


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