50 Cent’s “Power” – Season 2 is on it’s way

50 Cent’s “Power” – Season 2 is on it’s way


Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent will be returning with the second season of his original series ‘Power’. For those of you that may not be familiar with the show it is produced by both Jackson and Courtney Kemp Agboh from ‘The Good Wife’.

‘Power’ follows wealthy New York man James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick a nightclub owner who seems to have it all but is living a double life as a drug kingpin.

The first season was so good that it earned a spot right in my short list of favourite shows, accompanying the likes of Scandal. Well it’s returning for its second season bringing ten episodes and from the looks of the trailer it is picking up from where it left with James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick played by Omari Hardwick doing his best to vacate the drug business to save his nightclub and future of a legitimate career as well as juggling his relationship with his wife and first love who unknowingly to him is investigating his drug organisation.

Subtract the music and some may find it has similarities to Empire. 50 Cent himself has already jumped on social media accusing Empire of jackin’ their style, which of course started a minute ‘feud’ between him and cast members of Empire.

Not linked to black Britain in any form but it does have me wondering and impatiently waiting for when and if we’ll ever see black British dramas like the ones we see in the states without having negative and stereotypical connotations. We clearly have the talent for it.

– Roxanne McKenzie


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