PROJECT LOL #LoveYourLifeChallenge 

PROJECT LOL #LoveYourLifeChallenge  

If Love be the food of life, Love on…

I believe the things we love are like nutrients and vitamins. Something essential your body needs to survive, to thrive and run at its’ optimum. God doesn’t place love in your heart by accident. You don’t love what you love for no reason, it’s on purpose, for a purpose, for we are purpose made. Purpose built. 

Wait. Let’s be clear… When I say love I’m talking about a feeling. I’m talking about the things that truly make your soul sing. If you’ve never paid attention to this feeling before I hereby challenge you to start. You know it when you feel it because there’s nothing quite like it. That abundant, enriching, undeniable, indescribable kinda love. It feels empowering. It should energise you. 

Whether it’s reading a book, playing football, baking a cake, coding or looking into a telescope; we should all keep searching for whatever makes our heart sing! It’s the sweetest song you will ever hear and the best thing of all is that we each have our own individual song, written and arranged just for us. 

What’s dope is we all love different things; I love films but hate football. You might love football but hate films and to that to me is beautiful. Because there’s a lot of shit in the world, which means there’s a lot of things one could love, which means there’s more than enough love to go around; endless options for everyone.  

I don’t think we choose the things we love, I think they choose us. What makes one person love football and the other loathe it? Is it personal taste, tradition, culture, coincidence or something deeper? I believe being brave enough to truly love what’s in you to love will lead you to your purpose. We figure out that purpose by paying attention to what we feel in any given moment; by paying attention to what we love and then doing it. 

Whenever I am far from Love, I am lost. 

Without love we are all lost boys; Wandering aimlessly down paths paved for someone else. But love will always lead us home. Back to our inner child; back who we really are, back to who we were born to be! The fact that people are walking around today without any idea of what they like let alone love really, really alarms me. A society that encourages us to serve everything but our soul is a recipe for anxiety, depression and disaster. The proof is very much in the pudding, all you need to do is look around. Look at the world we’re living in. No wonder so many are sick and suffering. A life without love. To quote Lauryn Hill, “How you gonna win when you ain’t right within?” How you gonna rise when your soul ain’t satisfied? To me, allowing yourself to love what you love is the ultimate act of self-care, self-kindness, self love. 

Living in a world that discourages us to listen to the song of our soul means sometimes we need someone to say it’s okay to love what you love. Someone to tell you it’s important, to give you that push. Someone to give you permission. If that someone is you, consider it done. Love what you love. It’s okay. Not only is it okay, it’s essential! 

What if more love was the answer to all our problems? It’s easy to say life is not that simple but have you actually tried to be proved wrong? Look at your life and ask how kind are you being to yourself? Not to your mum, dad, sister, partner, friend, family member or colleague. How kind are you being to you? Could you be kinder? To yourself? Often we’re kind to everyone but ourselves. Could you love your mind a little more? Your body more? Your spirit more? Could you love your life a bit more? What would life look like? With a little more love in it? What would happen? 

I invite you to join me on this journey #PROJECTLOL is about making room for more love in our lives. Making space to do more of the things we love? Making time to be with the people we adore? Making a conscious effort to be grateful, even for the little things. It’s about trying to turn our days, our weeks, our work, our lives into a labour of love? So we can fall in love with life itself #loveyourlifechallenge 

Let’s be brave, and let love lead our way. Let the adventure begin. 

#loveyourlifechallenge #houseofblack #chooselove

Written by: @leiandarell – Leian Darell

Photo credit: @librabear – Wesley Louis


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