Theatre Lovers, have you seen The Scottsboro Boys?

Theatre Lovers, have you seen The Scottsboro Boys?


Everybody that knows me, will testify to the fact that I absolute love theatre. I mean what is better than a energetic live performance, powerful storytelling and an intimate setting? With theatre, you can never quite know what to expect. A character emerging from the seat next to you, flashing lights blinding you from above or the most flawless costume designs you have ever seen, its all so exciting. A few days ago I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory, which I must say was absolutely amazing! If you have ever seen the film, you will know it is full of dramatic scenery but they were able to recreate this amazingness on stage. I know the show doesn’t relate to Black British but it was through watching this show that I heard about The Scottsboro Boys. I’m probably late as many of you may have heard about it already, but I will bring light to it for those who haven’t.

The Scottsboro Boys is a musical about the real life Scottsboro Boys case in 1931. Set in Scottsboro Alabama, nine African American boys were falsely accused of raping two white women and sentenced to the chair. The trial was unjust, and the boys were tried without much evidence. Even after the one of the women admitted that she was lying, the boys still remained in prison, the case dragged on through the courts for years. It was 1937 before the four youngest members were released.

It is always good to see hidden stories of our history brought to light. At first I thought a musical was a strange way to portray such a serious story as I associate theatre with happy, light-hearted performances. But after watching the trailer I think this theatre production has been put together in a positive way. Instead of creating another dark, film that would leave many feeling hurt or angered. David Thompson, Fred Ebb, John Kander and the producers of the show, have successfully turned a serious topic into a celebration of heavy song and dance.

With a lot of support and positive reviews from major British newspapers this must be one definitely not to be missed out on. I’m going to see this before it leaves the theatre, who’s coming with me?

The Scottsboro Boys will be showing at the Garrick Theatre in London until the 21st February 2015, for a closer look, check out the teaser trailer here.

-Rhea Agard


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