Spotify, what’s all the fuss about?


Spotify, what’s all the fuss about?

I hated Spotify. Literally, I saw no reason for it’s existence. I have iTunes? I have YouTube, Soundcloud? But what was so different about Spotify? There was something different that I hadn’t yet discovered but my friends had, so I decided to download it. I listened to a few songs that I already knew and still didn’t see the relevance. That was until I found the ‘related artists’ section. I found myself on a journey browsing through hundreds of new artists that I could invest my time in within the click of a button or ignore if they weren’t my taste. One of the first artists I found of spotify was Javeon, the 26 year old singer and producer.

Unable to decide whether Javeon was male of female, due to his album covers that displayed different women, I could tell he was going to be great due to the PMR imprint on his page. I love most work from PMR’s artists; Jessie Ware, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore, so I was excited with my new find. The first song I listened to was Lovesong, a groovy, perfectly produced track with a catchy chorus. He gave me the same feeling that I gained when first listening to one of MNEK’s remixes (that I wrote about in a previous article). His raw tone accompanied the studio loops incomparably! And for the bridge – more MC realness. Give it a listen yourself, but you’ve got to use headphones! Next was, Give Up, my favourite track by Javeon. I loved his use of a female backing vocalist and synth pads to create a space-pop boom-bap cross breed. When listening to this masterpiece I done exactly what the lyrics told me to do, “Let yourself go and surrender”. Now for McCarthy’s latest single: Intoxicated. This power ballad is gospel greatness for me. The humbleness of this record gets more and more touching with every listen and I can not think of one word of criticism for it’s lyrical structure or production. Now for the music videos, Javeon has created a 5 part short, using his own music. Parts 1,2 and 3 consist of the singles I have mentioned, and parts 4&5 are yet to be released.

Whatever or wherever this story is leading (I don’t entirely get the storyline), it is very artistic and contrasts completely to the songs used. If you watch the trailer for the flick, entitled Mercy, you might get it a bit more than me. All I can really say from it is that there is drama to come in the next videos, and hopefully the storyline will all come together, full circle!

Javeon and his label mates recently embarked on PMR’s first ever tour, playing in Paris, Glasgow and London, and also played Wireless Festival last year. His album is also scheduled to be released this year- which I cannot wait for- and hopefully by then the remaining parts of Mercy will be released…woohooo it looks like a great year for Javeon!

-Olly Reeves


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