Support, Share, Spread!

Support, Share, Spread!

I’m sure many of us could literally go on all day complaining about the lack of black enthused, black centred shows, books and events, missing from the media. But what is the use of continuously complaining, if your not supporting the things that are already out there, presenting black people in a positive light? I have had heated discussion, after heated discussion over the matter and I always find it most peculiar that those that get the most worked up, are the ones who rarely ever support. Sometimes you have to sit back and ask yourself, are you actually reading the books by black authors? Are you going down to your local picture house, to watch the latest film produced by a black producer? A lot of the time the answer will most probably be no. Yes, I can admit sometimes one is just not aware of everything that is going on, due to poor media coverage. But that is an even greater reason why we have to help each other and promote and back our own things.

I remember going to watch The Harder They Come in the theatre a couple years back. I can honestly say I left feeling overjoyed! Yes I would give the actors and the show rave reviews. But to me it was more than just another, lively, theatre show, there was a deeper/greater feeling. A sense of belonging and a communal ethic, it was surreal to see so many black people in one place sitting and standing harmonious, together. I loved it so much I went back twice, I have yet to go another “black’ event that has generated such an atmosphere. We need more of these! I am hoping I will see one rear its head as we approach the end of the year.

Winter 2014 boast some promising events, many are being put on as part of #FilmCaribbeanUK festival. The short film festival is happening in London 15-18 December 2014, and is a celebration of films from the Caribbean.

Below is a list of films and shows that you should look out for. Click on the links to buy tickets or simply find out more:

PayDay – Picturehouse Cinema, Stratford (screening as part of the #FilmCaribbeanUK festival)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Broadway Theatre, Catford (starring Richard Blackwood)

I Am Ali – Documentary film on The Great Muhammad Ali (in main London cinemas on the 28th November 2014)

No Good Dead – (Starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, in main London cinemas now)

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam – (RomCom starring Jospeh Benjamin and ADot comedian)

Afrikaba Film Club – Electric Palace Cinema

The Skin – (starring Carl Bradshaw and Jeff Stewart) -(screening as part of the #FilmCaribbeanUK festival)

– Rhea Agard

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