Check out the Top 5 songs for this week!

Check out the Top 5 songs for this week!

I hope you enjoyed my top five from last week, I also hope you tuned in and taken a listen to those songs. Anyway I’m back by my own demand ahahaha, to give you my new top five songs. Although I said there wasn’t a particular order last week, there is this week. So take a look.

Big Sean
IDFWU feat. E-40
While Big Sean has been away, mending his broken heart he returned with four new tracks. ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’ [IDFWU], inspired by my ex Naya Riviera, is a song that quite frankly sums up the way he feels about her and their relationship that went sour, since the split. This song has been getting played quite a bit this week thanks to some incosiderate people around me, and this is the way I feel about a them but I digress… In the verses Sean goes on to sing a very catchy hook, and E-40 serves no purpose!

6 God
Drake music seems to go up whilst his popularity within the industry is declining faster than Cassie’s career. For me ‘6 God’ is the prequel to ‘Worst Behaviour’ from his last studio album ‘Nothing Was the Same’. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I loved that song and this song right here, on the right system, would have you feeling some type of way. I prefer when Drake is “Drake” and not Aubrey. Don’t get me wrong I do like a slow tune from time to time, but not so frequently from rappers, so out of the three songs he put out ‘6 God’ to me is the best. With enough in the title to make the illuminati conspiracists have a field day I refrain to get into all of that right here, right now.

Childish Gambino
U Don’t Have to Call
Childish Gambino is that guy. Before I was little skeptical, his sophomore album ‘Because of the Internet’, released back in 2013 had me in doubt. However, lead single ‘V.3005’ changed my opinion and for that I am a fan. A few months back he released dual Mixtape (EP), STN MTN/ Kauai, and hands down it is definitely a good listen, probably one of the best out this year. This song is too cool. Whilst the mixtape is filled with mostly up-tempo mashups and samples of songs we’re, oh so familiar with. This stands out notably because of the change in sound. Starting with a quick conversation between what sounds like a stripper and some friends, he transcends into an almost acapella version of Usher’s ‘U Don’t Have to Call’. A slow spoken word rap follows, while a mid tempo beat kicks in. But if you can, listen to this in its entirety as a whole mixtape.

Sampha, sampha, SAMPHA! Where do I begin? UK singer-songwriter Sampha has been noted mostly for his work with SBTRKT on their many collaborations, working with fellow UK artists such as Jessie Ware and Katy B. He has been recognized worldwide for appearing on Drake’s ‘Too Much’. Not shy of working with A-listers he also lends his vocals to Beyoncé’s ‘Mine’ from her latest LP. His distinct tone and vocals stand out in the introduction making it that much more better. Anyway. ‘Happens’ was released, as a B-side to his solo version of ‘Too Much’ and it is five minutes and five seconds of epicness. I don’t know what it is about his sound that has me hooked. The song is about him and the love interest having both lost out on love previously, they fear it happening again although they feel for each other…. I think! I don’t know correct me if I’m wrong but that is my interpretation. I do need him to release another EP though because his music is few and far between.

Teyana Taylor
The title of this album represents the years Teyana has been in the industry. It has taken seven whole long years to deliver her debut album after her initial album, ‘A Planet Called Harlem’ was scrapped, deleted and removed from our memory like a scene from Men in Black. Nonetheless I am so happy that she used this time to perfect her sound and vocals. Don’t forget the vocals, to silence the naysayers, (looks for Rihanna fans), this album is R&B at it’s finest. Peaking at number one in it’s opening week that says it all really. ‘Dreams’ is almost a guilty pleasure; the song is a response to Tory Lanez’s ode track titled ‘Teyana’. The original song by Lanez is about his dreams of… well sleeping with an R&B singer. In her response Teyana is telling Lanez that it will only occur in his dreams because they are not of the same calibre, she is “on a pedestal so high…” Either way good song admittedly it’s been getting played quite a bit.

That wraps up this weeks top five, so check in next week to see what I’m listening to.

-Stephen Paul


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