Time for Top 5 songs of the week

Back at it again. With the majority of last weeks list being scrapped, it’s time to see what I’ve been listening to in replacement. Top songs from me this week are as follows.

Lil Wayne
Sorry 4 the Wait 2

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Still on rotation from the other week, ‘HollyWeezy’ has been the soundtrack to my days for the past week now. Above all his flow rides the beat so well, that I hardly make it to the first chorus without starting again.

Ain’t on Nuttin feat. Sneakbo, Stormzy, Bashy, Angel, Benny Banks, Ghetts & Cashtastic (Remix Pt. 2)

I’ve discussed Yungen previously during my ‘T-Pain at Musicalize’ review, if you’re unfamiliar go and read that now!
Signed to the ‘Play Dirty’ group Yungen has made a name for himself already. Since his SB.TV freestyle his career has shot to new heights. His first solo project titled, ‘Project Black & Red’ has gained so much praise and popularity, collaborating with some big UK acts. Hailing from South London, the twenty-one year old is easily mentioned as a hot new UK rapper.

Although the project came out the back in September, that didn’t stop him starting the year by dropping a remix to his his song ‘Ain’t On Nuttin’. The song that originally features only Sneakbo came with an all-star line up this time, and fire is an understatement. Opening the track with the catchy chorus, Sneakbo comes in strong, quickly followed by Yungen. Stormzy comes third in the line-up, has steadily secured a name for himself also. Bringing his angry bars to the track adds to the gritty rap hip/hop sound the track has. By far, Bashy literally shuts the entire song down, his word play is so sick that there’s no point writing it, just go and listen if you’re into the UK rap and hip/hop.

Big Sean
Blessings feat. Drake & Kanye West
Dark Sky Paradise

Just weeks away from the release of his third studio album, ‘Dark Sky Paradise’, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean has released his second single ‘Blessings’. For some reason I get the impression Sean is back deeper and darker then before, and I think I like it. The accompanying visuals, and promos for this project have been quite dark in colour, and the album title says it all to be honest.

Anyway, the song itself hears Sean and his featured guests talk about their blessings, but not in a boastful way. Big Sean raps how with his blessings he has seen who his friends are. Somehow Big Sean manages to present real life situations in his music, Drake provides a catchy chorus that’s had me saying “I’m way up I feel blessed”, for the past week. The dark eerie production produced by Vinylz, possibly features one of Big Sean’s best verses ever.

Azealia Banks
Ice Princess
Broke With Expensive Taste

Azealia Banks’ ‘Ice Princess’ has resurfaced yet again onto my playlist. Fitting to those cold winter mornings we’ve been facing, it’s literally been on the soundtrack on my commute. And no, I don’t think I’m an ‘Ice Princess’ but the song is cold as fuck – no pun intended. The reason to the resurface however, is because earlier during the week Azealia announced via Instagram that she was making an accompanying video. Yes, yes and YES! This should hopefully shed some more light on the overlooked album, and the standout track.

Missy Elliott
Triple Threat feat. Timbaland

There was a time when Nicki Minaj was flat chested in The return of the femcee that is Missy Elliott has long been waited for, and last Sunday during the Superbowl XLIX Halftime show Miss.E took centre stage. Blatantly stealing the show from Katy Perry who was surprisingly decent; lights dimmed at the Phoenix Stadium to welcome Missy with the intro of her 2001 hit, ‘Get Your freak On’. Almost ten years since her last studio album, we are in dire need of Missy. Responsible for countless hits from the 90’s up until now, she has help craft, mentor and assist some of our favourite artists. Music producer and friend Timbaland and Missy got together to make some futuristic hip hop/pop music, and some outstanding videos to match.

Listening to almost every Missy Elliott song I know, I pulled out the latest offering that was released back in 2012. ‘9th Inning’ was put out as a new song for her return that was supposed to happen. Produced by long time friend Timberland, it is evident that their musical relationship is phenomenal, extending just over two decades the pair work extremely well with eachother. The song as a whole is nothing short of epic. In true form Timberland produces a beat that has a gradual build up. Trumpets blowing from the off-set and synths doing backflips in the background. The song refers to the duo’s return and despite reviews and critics saying this was a fail of a return; I rebuke it. Although the sound didn’t fit in with the EDM sound that dominated charts during that period, (and even now unfortunately) the pair can still work on music and do damage. Unfortunately some say they are dated, where I think the ugly state of music at the moment is why this was overlooked. I hope to see her still drop a visual for this.

-Stephen Paul


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