Top 5 Songs of the Week

Top 5 Songs of the Week

A little different than my regular posts, but I thought it would be quite good if I was to keep you updated on what is most played on my iPod on a weekly basis.

Let me say this, I am quite diverse in the artists that I listen to; not so much genres as it usually is R&B, however I do like to give everyone a chance. Like I’ve said previously, a good bassline or good lyrics is all it takes for me to listen. I wouldn’t say I’m “Eclectic”, as I hate the common misuse of the word but yeah… I accept different genres. Anyways, I try to update my iPod daily. With new music being released it is so hard to stay on top and up to date with everything, so much that it may take me months to listen to an album. Expect old songs, new songs, and the same songs to appear on this list, some more detailed than others, nonetheless; here is my top five for this week in no particular order.

fka twigs
FKA Twigs
This song hasn’t only been getting played this week, but for quite some time now. British singer FKA Twigs who was listed in BBC’s Longlist for 2014, and has a critically acclaimed album ‘LP1’, has one of the most interesting sounds in music. The wispy vocals, along with the haunting production that reside in ‘Pendulum’, send chills throughout. Possibly about a love interest wanting her physically, while she wants it to be deeper than that, mentally and emotionally. Like a pendulum, time goes by, but she has all the time to wait, where he/she doesn’t want to. Personally one of my favourites on the album, at this early stage in her career, she has already mastered her sound, and image; creating a lane in which only she can drive in.

Higher feat. Raury
Wonder Where We Land
Off the back of their almost impeccable self-titled debut album that set bars, and was influential to other acts that quickly followed suit. SBTRKT returned with the highly anticipated follow-up ‘Wonder Where We Land’ and delivered. Standout track ‘Higher’ is exactly what I love about SBTRKT. The track features Atlanta MC Raury that delivers an incredible couple of verses that makes me want to spaz out. Not sure what exactly this song is about, but it could be metaphorical for his rise to fame, or possibly going “higher” in his career, finally going places, there is nowhere else but up for him, at this point. The bassline is gripping, and his fast-paced flow versus the sung chorus hits hard over loud synths and sirens. SBTRKT always create collaborations that showcase the feature artists at their best. Raury has also been listed on the BBC’s Longlist 2015.

Rick Ross
If They Knew feat. K. Michelle
Hood Billionaire
MMG mogul Rick Ross has recently put out his seventh studio album, ‘Hood Billionaire’. Follow-up to his number one album ‘Mastermind’, that came out earlier this year; the old saying “quality not quantity” springs to mind. Whilst the album isn’t much to discuss as a whole there are one or two good songs. ‘If They Knew’ featuring Memphis firecracker K. Michelle is definitely a hot rap/sung collaboration. The song is the classic good girl fallen for a bad guy type song. The verses from Rick Ross are nothing less than expected, but these type of collaboration is something that he does well. It could have worked so well during the summer, had Ross waited, maybe even nominated for best rap/sung collaboration for the 2016 Grammys.

J. Cole
A Tale of 2 Citiez
2014 Forest Hill Drive
Fresh on the shelves J. Cole has served up his third studio album, ‘2014 Forest Hill Drive’. The highly anticipated surprise album was announced just weeks before it hit stores, with no lead single, I am yet to listen to the album in its entirety. I have only got as far as track number 5, but I love it so far. The album and its title are based upon where Cole grew up, and his teenage years, before getting signed. ‘A Tale of 2 Citiez’ does share themes to those in the Charles Dickens’ novel of the same name. The story of crime and violence, in a city where he is at a disadvantage. The admiration for the high life, the “get rich quick” mentality is what drives these young men to rob, steal and kill. Crime could provide the means to an end. This could possibly be Cole’s hometown, and it could be a comparison to the city where he lives now, and his new lifestyle. Thinking to himself what life could have been like for him, had he stayed, it would be the “bad dream” Cole said he has. Cole’s album is out this week, of course I didn’t download it because I intend on buying it. I did however listen to the stream online.

Azealia Banks
Broke With Expensive Taste
Sharp-tongued AB finally dropped her debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’. After a three year delay, I thought it was going to top Ashanti’s ‘Braveheart’ for most delayed album, or even worse. Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’, yet to see the light of day. Nonetheless its here and after parting ways with her label back in the summer, she desperately wanted to give this to her fans. Unfortunately, I’m going to leave it there because it will become an album review, and that is a whole new post on a whole different day. The song samples UK producer M.J. Cole and Danny Vicious’, ‘Bandelero Desperado’, so it was sure to carry garage infused synths, and an infectious flow. Banks has an undeniable sick word play, and tongue twisters to catch you off guard. What she raps about I have no idea how to decipher this one, but it’s cool. What triggered my listening is the fact that it was once a highly anticipated debut album, but review coming soon.

-Stephen Paul


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