Trey Songz Premieres Interactive video for ‘Touchin Lovin’ – Could this be the future of music videos?

Trey Songz Premieres Interactive video for ‘Touchin Lovin’ – Could this be the future of music videos?


Whilst I wouldn’t class myself as a huge Trey Songz fan, I must admittedly say he does have an impressive catalogue of music, (see: Ready album), and few good hits under his belt from his thirteen years in music.

Touchin’ Lovin’ Feat. Nicki Minaj, appears on his latest album ‘Trigga’, that was released back in July. The song serves as the albums 4th official single and has been getting major plays on radio, and has also been a fan favorite especially since Nicki appears on the track. The song has an up-tempo, club orientated, catchy yet hip-hop style melody; that generally is like every other R&B/Hip-Hop song on the radio, but NOT produced by DJ Mustard… surprisingly! Anyways, on Monday, Trey premiered the video and I had some time to kill, so I watched it. Click here “To explore Trey’s fantasies.”

My verdict? The visual is redundant, as it is in true Trigga style, and nothing we haven’t seen before. The concept behind the video however, is where I am most interested. The video opens with the words, ‘To Explore Trey’s Fantasies’, and we are unsure if this is safe to view in public. Not to worry though as it’s not too sexual. We see a not so tired looking Trey Songz climb out of bed and walk into the dark where he is offered a choice of two pills by a woman dressed in some sexy lingerie, one blue and one red. From this point the interaction is active, allowing viewers to choose which females will appear in his fantasy. Serenading from scene to scene, it takes multiple watches, and a variation in options in order to unlock the full fantasy. I tell you it would’ve been good to see Nicki as one of them girls, but instead she sits on a throne and spits a hot verse.

Mr. Songz explained to MTV that the concept was inspired by his fans, “I know my fans are very engaged on the computer and very much social savvy…” This is cool and brings artist and fan interaction to a different level. Although it’s not the first of it’s kind, there are not many interactive videos out there and could be something big. Similar to lyric videos when they were first introduced a couple years ago, it was a new concept adopted by every artist quickly because it meant that fans could learn lyrics to their favourite songs, this could have the same effect. It’s different, it’s fresh, it’s new, and that’s why I like it… the concept, that is.

-Stephen Paul


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