Web Series “Housemates” – One for the ladies?

Web Series “Housemates” – One for the ladies?


Personally I have never been a real fan of web series, I find myself avoiding them at all cost. The acting is normally over-dramatized and the storylines far-fetched but Housemates is about to be my new show! Having previously lived with two other girls during my early universities days, I find myself automatically drawn to the show. I can relate to many of the issues raised so well, even if you haven’t lived with housemates I am sure us girls with younger sisters will find we have experienced some of these problems ourselves. Clothes going missing, food that you brought gone with no owner, your possessions broken and so on. Housemates’ is something fun, light and comical to pass the time with I would definitely recommend this show to my girls!

Catch the series every Wednesday at 8pm, on YouTube and to keep up to date with all the latest news regarding the show follow @HousematesGirls @ItsMissNeeks

– Rhea Agard


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