When the Mainstream Caters for the Black Audience…

When the Mainstream Caters for the Black Audience…

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Watching television in Paris is a no go if you are not fluent in French. I mean it is kind of entertaining at first, watching your favourite show and trying to work out the words but it can become quite tedious. So for the duration of my stay, Netflix has become my new best friend. I personally think Netflix is amazing. I’m so done with the loading and buffering of films on dodgy websites (yes we all know the ones I am on about) Netflix even rolls onto the next series if you are watching a television drama.

Although I used it quite a bit back in London, I often went elsewhere when I wanted to watch “black films” as Netflix just didn’t have much. I would also find that out of the small selection they did have, they were either poor quality or not predominantly black. However I have noticed a huge increase this year. My suggested list is full with loads of black films, (ok it still doesn’t have everything) but they have clearly noticed the demand from their viewers and acted accordingly. I find the more I continue to watch the more they add. They seem to be much more accommodating towards their customers, I mean they have even added a few French films to my suggested list. We still don’t have a “Black or African-American category like the American site but for now I am happy that they have noticed the black audience as a consumer and my much loved black classics have not gone un-noticed.

-Rhea Agard


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