After terrible Aaliyah biopic LIFETIME returns with one for Whitney Houston!

After terrible Aaliyah biopic LIFETIME returns with one for Whitney Houston!

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After the shockingly terrible Aaliyah biopic, I thought Lifetime would of wanted to take a back seat and never step foot into the realms of biopics again. But nope they are rolling ahead with more, and the next person on their list is none other than the iconic Whitney Houston.

At first I said, I’m not even going to bother to give it a second glance but after watching the trailer for Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’, I was pleasantly surprised. Lifetime may have actually found a way to crawl back and redeem them-selves.

It has nearly been three years since Whitney Houston’s death left the world in complete shock and distress. She wasn’t just one one of the Worlds bestselling performers, she was role model, trend-setter and I am sure for many of her fans a friend. So it is vital that this biopic exudes her greatness!

Whitney is played by, transitioned America’s Next Top Model contestant to Hollywood actress, Yaya DaCosta. Whilst I cant tell whether she will completely nail Whitney, from her roles in Take the Lead and The Butler I think she may do quite a good job at coming close. Lifetime, have chosen to focus on the ‘love story’ once again and within the trailer we can see numerous dramatic scenes between Whitney and Bobby Brown, played by Arlen Escarpeta. The casting of roles seems to be quite positive, one person they have got spot on, look-wise is Clive Davis. I had to rewind back to make sure it wasn’t actually the real him.

Just like Aaliyah’s family, Whitney’s family are not in support of the film, Lifetime were also not able to obtain rights to the original music, so singer Deborah Cox will voice our most loved Whitney songs throughout the movie. This biographical picture will be Angela Bassett’s first directional venture, Bassett played a mesmerising Tina Turner, in the film What’s Love Got Do With It, so I am hopeful she has put her heart into this, and will do it justice.

I really hope Lifetime haven’t messed this one up….the movie is scheduled to air on Saturday, January 17th 2015. In case yall missed the trailer please watch it here!

-Rhea Agard


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