Chart Watch: Wretch Scores another Top Ten hit

Chart Watch: Wretch Scores another Top Ten hit

Although Wretch32 has been working on his follow-up to his 2012 ‘Black and White’ album, it hasn’t stopped him from putting out music over the past two years.. The album which was initially scheduled for 2013 has yet to get a release date but, last week Mr ‘32’ released his latest single ‘6 Words’ from the upcoming album.

This time around the rapper has swapped his fast flow and heavy rhymes for a mid-tempo song. The rapper debuts his vocal ability, and opens with the line, “I can’t sing but I wrote you a song, yeah…”

Whilst some find humour in his opening line, I think it’s wicked, (do people still say that?) I love the honesty and I think this is what makes it such a great tune. Despite his ability, it doesn’t affect the message in his song to a loved one, which I think we can all relate to. His ‘six words’ being, “ I found my treasure in you”, is definetley showing a softer side to the rapper. The song remains somewhat simple, but has so much effect. It goes to show that content is just as important in music than visuals. The song is definetly catchy and it gets better with more listens, personally one of my favourites right now.

He may not be the best singer when running comparisons, but I can and will commend him for his effort. More importantly he stays within his range, therefore the little that he does do, is done well.

Whilst it’s only been in the charts for a week I do hope it continues to climb, currently sat at number 8, it joins his other singles such as ‘Traktor’, ‘Unorthodox’, and ‘Don’t Go’ in the top ten Official UK singles chart. I even saw Mr. Falsetto himself, Maxwell tweeting the lyrics earlier, it shows the impact of music around the world, and how good UK artists actually are.

Expect the album sometime in 2015, but in the meantime, listen, learn and love ‘6 Words’.

– Stephen Paul


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