Yeezy Season in full swing: US to UK #nyfw #adidascollabo #britawards

Yeezy Season in full swing: US to UK #nyfw #adidascollabo #britawards

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The Brit Awards took place last week at London’s 02 arena, and unfortunately I missed it. But I did jump on twitter to catch up on everything that I seemed to have missed, which wasn’t much to be quite candid.

Okay so where do I begin? Initially when I heard Kanye West was performing I didn’t care for him or the performance. Now let me explain, I do like Kanye as a musician but I’m not one to worship him or any other celebrity for that matter. I just appreciate nice things.

He kicked off NYFW a few weeks back and unveiled his Adidas sneaker collaboration for the ‘Yeezy Boost 750’, models strutted along the runway to Yeezy’s latest offering supposedly from his upcoming LP, ‘Wolves’ featuring Sia and Vic Mensa. With Yeezy season in full swing, he mobbed the stage with anywhere between fifty to seventy men dressed in all black attire, and let’s not forget the flamethrowers. Kanye debuted his new single ‘All Day’ live form the UK, disrupting social media in a big way. Also gracing the stage alongside West was UK grime artists and British MCs, such as Skepta, Jammer, Shorty, [BBK] Krept and Konan, Stormzy, Fekky, as well as vocalist Theophilus London that features on the song too.

The performance seemed to have divided social media, British viewers and what they call “black twitter” all at the same damn time. Personally, I praise him for sharing the stage with UK artists. Dressed head-to-toe in all black, hoodies, caps, and tracksuits they represented the hip-hop culture. Some describe it as a disgrace but personally I see it as Kanye putting us on par with the US. It suggests that we are equals. To be honest I think we actually inspire them, why? Because the UK has nothing to prove to anyone.

In fact he was their guest, how about that! This is our territory and while the grime/rap scene might not have been “invited” to the event; they sure showed up and gave the ceremony a big black middle finger. Take ownership for crying out loud! One thing that annoys me is when people don’t give credit where it’s due. I feel like its our own that don’t support our own, and by that I mean the same black community that fuss and moan about their culture not being represented or seen on TV. Before you take my head off, I understand that it doesn’t necessarily “represent” us all and we are tired of the stereotypical image society has of us, but society will have this preconception of us regardless.

People knock their profession; I won’t refer to it as a “hustle” because these men have been doing it for years and have made a name for themselves whether you like it or not. Many laughed, suggesting that nothing will become of their meeting on stage, but who cares. I don’t see those same people up there, doing anything to benefit the rest of us. Since forever America has been biting our style but no one actually see’s it. Like I said the UK scene doesn’t need the stamp of approval from our American cousins. So just take it for what it is, they’ve come along way this is OUR moment as well as theirs, can we just enjoy it please.

-Stephen Paul


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