Dear Black People

Dear Black People, 

I wanted to let you know the world has lied to you. They’ve degraded and demonised you but I wanted to remind you that You, are a child of God. Not God that belongs to a religion, building or reserved for a specific group of people but God the Almighty Creator of the Universe and All things in it, the God who Loves everyone, without terms or conditions. If this is your first time hearing it I’m sorry it took so long:  You are light, love and abundance in human form. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You have given the world so much and for that you should be proud. 

You should know that although history is often hidden, re-written or destroyed, this world is a better, more beautiful place because of you. Everything great this world has to offer was made greater because of the part you or your ancestors played in it. Not only have you gifted the world art and music, you have given the world words, stories, literature, education. You have given the world science, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, medicine and healing. You have given the world more than you could even imagine. In fact, there’s nothing you haven’t offered this world. You have given the world gifts, grace, love and maybe most importantly of all your spirit… Something the world has often told you to hide or encouraged you to disconnect with but I want to remind you that this is your greatest power, the tool that links you directly to source, to the light of the world, to the Universe, to God. The very thing that guides you and protects you, if you let it. 

Although they try to do everything they can to destroy you, you are still here. We come from a line of Kings, Queens, healers, doctors, artists, inventors, intellectuals, educators not slaves. We were never slaves, we were survivors. We survived the unimaginable, only to discover our unbreakable spirit. Many parts and places need healing yes, but in the face of unspeakable horrors you still stand. Tell me who but you could last a day in your shoes? I dream of a day when we are no longer surviving, but thriving, shining in the way God intended for us as her Children of the Sun. 

You are so much more than you know, more than you’ve been told or taught to believe, more beautiful, more brilliant, more extraordinary. More. You have so much more to offer this world, and you should. Because this world needs your contribution, your offering. The world needs you to play your part so please, do. I implore you to believe this truth, believe in your brilliance, your beauty, believe in better. Go and be all god made you to be, shine brightly, even if and when it blinds others, for this is your duty. To those who came before us, who fought so hard so you could live, you owe it to them, you owe it to God and most importantly you owe it to yourself…

Written by: @leiandarell – Leian Darell

Photo credit: @lou_escobar

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